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Open application

  • Helsinki, Finland
Open Application

Job description

Sometimes all we need is a little extra push.

Here at UpCloud, an open application has the potential to open our minds to the unexpected.

We put effort in forecasting our hiring needs, but there are many situations where these needs can change rather quickly.

Things break, projects appear – you know the drill. Maybe you could be the one that will help us with something that we didn’t prepare for. Maybe you will remind us that someone like you is exactly what we need.

Job requirements

As this is an open application, we naturally do not have specific requirements, but below you will find some of our departments and sectors we normally hire for in Finland, Singapore, UK, US and remotely:

  • Customer support
  • Finance
  • HR/recruitment
  • IT (software development, infrastructure, data)
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Sales

Recruitment is about conversations and we love having them! So even if you can’t find something in our careers page that suits you now, go ahead and send us an open application. We promise to review it and get back to you.